Customer service

Good service is another key element of our company philosophy. We do our utmost to satisfy your wishes and requirements. All members of the company, from the management to department employees, are committed to the task of guaranteeing your satisfaction.

If you place an order today, your delivery will arrive tomorrow. We've already mentioned flexibility. And naturally, we're also flexible when it comes to delivery times. We produce throughout the day. If required, we're usually able to prioritise urgent orders.

We come up with solutions to meet every challenge. And we respond just as professionally to your individual specifications. For example, if requested, we can cooperate with an external haulage provider.

As already mentioned, our managers are also happy to handle your inquiries.

During the first delivery, your customer adviser is glad to personally accompany your goods until they arrive at your production site.

Cutting & packaging

When it comes to cutting and packaging, we respond flexibly and according to specific customer requirements. In general, we believe that any cut is possible, beyond standard specifications. Individual cuts are also possible on a larger scale.

The same applies to packaging.

Whether you want your E2 crates pallet-wrapped or not – we offer you the best possible advice and can always suggest alternative options.

Would you like additional protective films in addition to vacuum packaging? Your wish is our command!