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Production – modern and efficient

Meat deliveries occur throughout the day. In some cases, we deliver straight after we have collected the raw product. Short, optimally coordinated routes are a top priority at Boeser. By planning efficiently, we relieve customers of as much work as possible and satisfy our standards in terms of reliability and flexibility.

After incoming goods are inspected and temporarily stored, jointing and cutting occurs in accordance with customers' requirements. Cutting takes place both at our site in Schöppingen and in Frechen.

Much of the jointing and cutting work is carried out by hand.

This doesn't mean the tools we use are in any way primitive. Our knives, saws and derinding machines satisfy the latest standards in cutting technology. Our technical installations are rounded off by special machines such as the Meat Master, a device that is capable of standardising the fat content of our products to a certain percentage.

Energy Management

Energy efficiency is of great importance to us, which is why Energy Management is a separate division in our company. We work with eco-friendly compressors, and efficient cooling and lighting technology.

We are currently conducting a project that aims to recover waste heat. This involves technology that uses waste heat from the cooling system to prepare hot water.

But our environmental awareness does not end when goods leave our premises!

All the lorries in our fleet display AdBlue stickers. These are awarded to vehicles that are fitted with the special AdBlue tank. AdBlue is a solution that reduces nitrogen oxide emissions from diesel-powered engines by up to 90%.