Times have changed. Nowadays, manufacturers of meat products, such as sausage factories, only process or refine the supplied meat. Jointing or cutting is usually a thing of the past.

Boeser Frischfleisch GmbH's specialisation in this service came about as the industry started undergoing changes. Let's take a look at how the company has developed.

The Boeser family has its roots in Dormagen, a small town located between the cities of Düsseldorf and Cologne.

The fertile meadow landscape close to the river Rhine and the region's good transport infrastructure enabled the family to successfully farm and market livestock.

The father of today's manager worked as a butcher and livestock dealer, specialising at that time not in pigs but exclusively in cattle, in other words cows or bulls. Good contacts to the cattle market at Cologne's abattoir paved the way for Boeser's future as a trader of fresh meat.

Boeser Frischfleisch GmbH


The story of Boeser Frischfleisch GmbH starts with the takeover of meat wholesaler Claus Hätsch GmbH, Cologne.


This is followed in 1995 by the takeover of meat wholesaler Otto Willi Haas GmbH, Cologne. The product range is extended to include pork.


1998 sees the merger of Claus Hätsch GmbH and Boeser Frischfleisch GmbH.


Business activities expand to include offal processing and trade. This is the result of the acquisition of offal wholesalers Pütz & Clemens GmbH, Cologne.


After purchasing the land and premises of K & S Agra-Fleisch GmbH, the company relocates to Frechen.

2003 – 2009

We constantly expand and modernise our production and materials planning facilities. We are also committed to acquiring new customers and recruiting new partners.


Boeser Frischfleisch GmbH is audited according to the IFS norm.


Company expansion and extension of storage capacities thanks to the purchase of additional hall and office space at the Frechen site.


In March, production starts at the new site in Schöppingen, Münsterland. Like our Frechen facilities, the new production site is awarded IFS and QS certification. We are thereby responding to market developments and strengthening our flexibility, especially in the area of exports.