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We specialise in cutting pork. What might sound quite simple actually involves numerous areas of technology, logistics and energy management. We also have to comply with strict legal hygiene standards which are designed to protect consumers.
We welcome new customers every day.

These include wholesalers as well as processing companies. Meat processed by Boeser Frischfleisch GmbH can be found in branches of major retail chains but also in family-run butchers around the corner. Day after day, numerous people encounter our products.

Our daily objective is to satisfy our customers' many wishes by operating as flexibly as possible.

Once logistical feasibility is established, we set to work, whether it's preparing an order for a short-term delivery or based an annual plan. In the latter case, we roughly plan required quantities in advance with the management.

We can deliver seasonal supplies and short-term special offers. From bulk purchases and special rates to modern storage in cold-storage facilities – everything is possible.


Our additional facility in Münsterland has given us even greater flexibility. The second site in Schöppingen went into operation in March 2017. The proximity of our main suppliers to the cutting plant enables us to react quickly, something that is especially important for our export business.

But it's not just since our expansion that we've started thinking globally. Our customer base already includes companies from Italy and Austria. With slaughtering and cutting facilities based in one location, we are also equipped to serve destinations in Asia. Naturally, meat cuts are adapted to the requirements of local markets.